formaldehyde formula

Living area with a disinfectant which is very common and very good colorless liquid form of formaldehyde, a chemical toxic and foul-smelling gas. Stop the formula CH2O. Generally, transport and storage are in the form of a 37% solution in water. This is called formalin aqueous solution of formaldehyde. Consistency and clear, colorless, aqueous solution must. During use caution and appropriate equipment should be used. In general disinfectant for use in the furniture industry and the manufacture of formaldehyde (chipboard, mdf, etc.). And is used as a resin .Formaldehyde technical (specific) properties are given in the table below.

Formaldehyde Features

Formaldehyde (CH2O)
Chemical Name Formaldehyde
Chemical Formula CH2O
Molecular Weight 30,026 g/mol
Color / Odor / Form Clear / Odorless / Liquid
Density 0.8153 g/cm³
Boiling Point 93-96 at 0 ° C (37% concentration)
Melting Point -15 ° C (37% concentration)


32kg, 68kg drums or IBC tanks .

Where to Use

The agricultural sector, metal industry, detergent industry, food industry and so on.

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